Sleepless in Eugene


When my friend Nicole and I dragged our groggy selves out in the pre-dawn cold to drive to Eugene today, we decided our feat of waking up on time for the trip was accomplishment enough. The fact that we also had to run in a 10K once we got to Tracktown USA was basically an afterthought. So imagine our surprise when we both snagged PRs at the EWEB Run to Stay Warm. I love when my legs surprise me.

The small race was exactly what I needed to regain some running confidence after my injury setback from last month. I’ve only ever run a few 10Ks (two on trails and one on a muggy D.C. day), so I guess a PR shouldn’t have been so surprising. It’s just nice to know that my lame foot can handle a little speed again. My unofficial finish time was 52:45, for an 8:30/mile pace.

Extra perk: Epic piles of cream cheese on the post-race munchies table.


Meanwhile, across the country, my boyfriend just pushed through his fifth finish at the JFK 50-Mile race. Yay, Dave!


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4 responses to “Sleepless in Eugene”

  1. Joey says :

    Congrats to you both! How did your boyfriend do? It’s a super competitive race that I hope to do in the future

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