Be there with bells on

Hey, it’s a holiday post!

Don’t worry, no workout streaks or no-sweets strategies here. That’s all well and good, but I’d rather enjoy my cookies and mulled wine and just, ya know, run a little more. Holiday-themed runs? Even better.

I kicked off the season with Portland Running Company’s Thursday night group run to check out the towering Christmas tree in Portland’s Pioneer Square. The tree is a 75-foot Douglas fir with 60,000 lights. Here’s, well, the bottom of it:

Photo by PRC.

Photo by PRC.

Next up, the Foot Traffic Holiday Half & 5K on the Adidas campus in North Portland. For this, my friends and I sported some killer Christmas kitty shirts courtesy of Target (totally worth it even if my identity ends up stolen). Molly and I ran the 5K while our friend Nicole powered through the half. No PR for me, but a solid effort: 26:04.

Best Dressed (according to us)

Best Dressed (according to us)

A day later, it was time for another trot with Portland Running Company, this time to Peacock Lane. Peacock Lane is a cute Southeast Portland street where every house has been decorated with Christmas lights every year since the 20s. Nothing gaudy, either. Just charming, and a little quirky.

I even got a second go at Peacock Lane on Thursday night after my morning flight was canceled. Uh, thanks, American Airlines?

By Saturday morning, I had finally made it to Indianapolis and roped my brother and parents into trekking to the suburbs for the Carmel 5Ks of Christmas. Ethan and I raced in freezing rain and massive, unavoidable puddles, but I was able to eke out a 25:41. Nice to know I’m slowly getting my speed back after being sidelined in the fall. Once I do a little more speed work and race in better conditions, I’ll be looking to work my 24:27 PR down to sub-24.

untitled event - 4

More importantly, though, I was able to rock the Christmas kitty again:


What holiday races were/are on your calendar this year?
Can anyone’s runwear top the Christmas kitty?

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