Kingman Island & foiled plans

Capitol views.

Capitol views.

When I scheduled a luxurious two weeks of off time in Washington, D.C., I envisioned carefree days catching up with friends, decorating the new condo with Dave and sweating my way through a slew of favorite D.C. workouts. Well, the plan was only halfway successful.

Though I got in some scenic miles last week, I caught a nasty cold bug that has left me operating at half-capacity since Saturday. Oof. Here’s a quick break from my tea-fueled Twin Peaks marathon to highlight all the high-quality sweat produced before the wheels came off.

Swamp running
Dave just bought a new condo in the eastern part of D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Since I’ll be living there when I return to my D.C. life in June, I was eager to scope out the nearby running routes. It’s not too far from my old apartment, so I had a general idea, but was hoping the closer proximity to Kingman Island would be a trail running treasure. Verdict: not so much.

Kingman Island is an oft-forgotten little sliver of land in the Anacostia River near RFK Stadium. I’ve visited for an annual bluegrass festival the past few years and remembered seeing a small hiking trail on the adjacent Heritage Island. During a quick run last week, I found the trail to be short (about a quarter-mile), swampy from recent rain and so deserted that I worried a little about happening upon a dead body (some history fueling that fear). I’m sure I’ll run there again: it’ll be a nice way to add variety to shorter runs around the neighborhood. But I’ll probably opt to run on dry days with a partner (ya know, to help with the dead body handling).

In all seriousness, though, Living Classrooms and volunteers are working hard to restore the natural wildlife habitat on Kingman and Heritage islands, and they’re doing a great job so far. If you live in D.C., and you haven’t checked it out, try the bluegrass festival in April (info on the website linked above).

No dead bodies here!

No dead bodies here!

Fort Marcy
On New Year’s Day, Dave and I set out to get some fresh air on the Potomac Heritage Trail starting at the Roosevelt Island trailhead. Apparently everyone else in the metro area had the same idea, though, and we couldn’t find parking. So, we continued up the GW Parkway until we hit Fort Marcy, where we checked out a different section of the PH Trail, and I almost bit it multiple times. Past time to invest in some trail shoes!

2014-01-01 14.41.26

One of the few times I wasn’t falling down during my New Year’s Day run.

Solitude on the Potomac Heritage Trail near Chain Bridge.

Solitude on the Potomac Heritage Trail near Chain Bridge.

November Project
I’d been looking forward to trying out D.C.’s outpost of the November Project since reading about it last year. So I braved a pre-6 a.m. wake-up and some bitter cold to go do burpees and sprints around Thomas Circle last Friday. True to the stories I had heard, there were lots of hugs and lots of f*ck yeahs. Hoping to join the raucous group again tomorrow if my health turns upward.

Photo by Chris Cantergiani (@canofspaghetti)

Photo by Chris Cantergiani (@canofspaghetti)

Frozen trails
By far the chilliest and prettiest adventure of the week was my run with the Montgomery County Road Runners Club on trails along Seneca Creek, the same spot where I ran my first trail race in April. Thanks to my pal Chris for getting Dave and me out in the 2-degree weather. The snow-covered trail was stunning, and I couldn’t believe how many devoted MoCo runners showed up to eagerly cover way more distance than I did.

Frosty morning running through the polar vortex.

Frosty morning running through the polar vortex.

And now I’ve settled into my sickly sedentary lifestyle with a cold that has wiped me out. I did manage a lunchtime spin workout at ZenGo the other day and promptly collapsed for hours on my couch. Speaking of which, time to get back to my important Twin Peaks routine. Gotta find out who killed Laura Palmer.

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6 responses to “Kingman Island & foiled plans”

  1. kristenk says :

    It sounds like you did a ton of cool running stuff! Congrats on running in that cold weather!

  2. Dawn H. says :

    Ooo November Project! I’ve gotta check that out sometime. Let us know what trail shoes you get!

  3. Brittany says :

    I am going to the DC area in March, and I am SOSOSO excited. I’ve never been before. This sounds like such a fun adventure!

    • DistrictSweats says :

      Oh, fun! I wish I would be there to meet up with you! Maybe sometime in Seattle :) . But I will say that as cool as Kingman Island is for its hidden gem quality, Rock Creek Park might be a better option for you if you’re visiting and want to get in some fun trail running in DC. Have a good time!

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