Alaska: Running, Cruising and Avoiding Bears

Bear lair.

Bear lair along the Skagway River in the Tongass National Forest.

How to handle bears in Alaska:

Step 1. Read Wild and A Walk in the Woods and develop a paralyzing fear of bears. (If you haven’t read those books, stop reading my blog, and read them now.)

Step 2. Reconsider long-planned 10-day trip to the 49th state.

Step 3. Count on boyfriend to be slower and tastier should we in fact encounter a hungry bear in Alaska. Go on trip.

Step 4. Enjoy Alaska sightseeing from safe confines of Norwegian cruise ship.


No bears here! Except for that little guy on my bomb tourist sweatshirt.

Step 5. Hike on glaciers with bear spray-wielding guides and slower climbers to serve as bear snacks.

Sorry boyfriend and fellow hikers -- I'm counting on you to stay between the bears and me.

Sorry boyfriend and fellow hikers — I’m counting on you to stay between the bears and me.

Step 6. Opt for roads and multi-use paths in Juneau and Anchorage rather than racing through the trails.

Step 7. Enjoy bear sighting in Denali from the relative safety of rental SUV.

Step 8. Return to Portland thankful for the stunning Alaska views and my still fully intact limbs.

Step 9. Fill blog post with sites too beautiful for words.


Glacier Bay.




Hurricane Gulch

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4 responses to “Alaska: Running, Cruising and Avoiding Bears”

  1. kristenk says :

    Hahaha I love this! You know how terrified I am of (literally) running into a bear up here! I’m glad you enjoyed Alaska! Next time you need to hit up Seward as well so we can try not to get eaten by bears together :)

  2. DCRunster says :

    STUNNING!!! I’ve always wanted to go here. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing pictures!

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